Vista Sanaat Omran Chimie Baspar, being viabale leading manufacturer and supplier of concrete admixtures in
iran is registerd as: OMRAN CHIMIE BASPAR COMPANY.
The firm is located at Abbasabad industrial Estate, near tehran, and its products of all kinds of CONCRETE ADMIXTURES
are distributed all over the country.
Thanks to the experienced engineers and serious control of quality, the products meet national and international
standards and granted ISO 9001, ISO 14001 , and ISO 18001 from BRS CO.
Our products of Concrete Admixtures , Grouting, Waterproofing, Flooring, Adhesives, Repair and mortars, ect. 
are mostly used in making tunnels, dams, swimming pools, road constructions, bridges, and many other civil work
We can well addapt our product  with any special demand to gain the required results.                                                                      

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    phone: 22878214 - 22873552  
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